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Breaking the Mold: Why Retiring in the Philippines is Becoming the Popular Choice for PinoYorkers.

New York City is home to a significant Filipino community, with a population of approximately 236,000, making it the third-largest population of Filipinos in the United States, after Los Angeles and San Francisco. This community has a rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in the city's diverse neighborhoods, businesses, and cultural events. Filipinos in NYC come from different backgrounds, speak different dialects and have different traditions.

The largest concentration of Filipinos in NYC is in the borough of Queens in Little Manila, with 54% of the total population, followed by Manhattan with 15.7%, Brooklyn with 13.8%, the Bronx with 8.5%, and Staten Island with 7.3%. These neighborhoods have become cultural hubs, with Filipino restaurants, shops, and community centers, where residents can connect with their roots, participate in cultural events, and build a sense of community.

Many Filipinos who have lived in the city for decades are choosing to return to their homeland for retirement. According to Pew Research Center, there are several reasons why Filipinos are choosing to retire in the Philippines.

One of the primary reasons is the cost of living. Many retirees find that they can stretch their retirement savings further in the Philippines than in New York City. The lower cost of housing, food, and healthcare can make a significant difference in their quality of life. Additionally, the strong family ties and support system in the Philippines can help retirees feel more secure and comfortable in their retirement years.

Another reason why Filipinos are choosing to retire in the Philippines is the cultural connection. Despite living in New York City for decades, many Filipinos still feel a strong connection to their homeland and want to spend their retirement years in a place that feels more familiar. The Philippines is rich in culture and traditions that are important to many Filipinos, and retiring there allows them to reconnect with their roots and immerse themselves in their heritage.

Some Filipino retirees are choosing to return to the Philippines to contribute to their communities. Many retirees use their skills and expertise to start businesses, mentor young people, and give back to their hometowns. Retiring in the Philippines allows them to make a meaningful impact in their communities and leave a lasting legacy.

The decision to retire in the Philippines is a personal one, but for many Filipinos, it is an attractive option. The lower cost of living, cultural connection, and opportunities to give back to their communities are just a few of the reasons why Filipinos are choosing to return to the Philippines for retirement. For those who have spent most of their lives in New York City, retiring in the Philippines can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity that may not be found anywhere else.

Adult and young adult Filipinos have been choosing to stay in New York City for more than 10 years because of the opportunities the city offers. New York City is a cultural and economic hub, providing a range of job opportunities from Filipino-owned agencies like Direct Hire Agency, free training/educational, free health insurance, and diverse communities like the Facebook group Filipinos of NY. Many Filipinos who have come to the city for work or education have found a welcoming community that provides them with opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Additionally, the city's diversity has allowed Filipinos to maintain a connection to their roots while adapting to a new culture, making it easier for them to build a home away from home. These factors have made NYC an attractive place for Filipinos to stay for an extended period of time.

In conclusion, the Filipino community in NYC is a vibrant and diverse community, with a rich cultural heritage and strong ties to the Philippines. While many Filipinos have chosen to stay in the city for more than a decade, others are now choosing to retire in the Philippines, where they can reconnect with their roots and enjoy a lower cost of living. Regardless of where they choose to live, the Filipino community in New York City has made significant contributions to the city's culture, economy, and society. Their presence has enriched the city and made it a more welcoming and diverse place to live.

Above data and photos taken from Pew Research Center and Asian American Federation

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