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A private family housekeeper’s responsibilities can be vast and encompassing depending on the needs of the family or home. A private housekeeper’s tasks are also dependent on additional staff members; working together on projects or specializing in specific areas within the home.


Traditional Duties:

  • Organize, supervise and coordinate the work of housekeeping staff on day- to day basis.

  • Ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation, safety, comfort and aesthetics for hotel guests.

  • Prepare duty rosters and supervise the discipline and conduct of her staff.

  • Ensure proper communication within the department by conducting regular meeting with the staff.

  • Recruit new employees and train them for the housekeeping jobs.

  • Counsel and motivate employees on various duties.

  • Establish and maintain standard operating procedures for cleaning and develop new procedures to increase efficiency of labor and product use.

  • Search and test new techniques and products in the market.

  • Maintain regular inventory and checking of furniture, linen, uniform, equipment in the hotel.

  • Evaluate employee performance for promotions and transfers.

  • Approval of supply requisitions for the housekeeping and to maintain minimum stock and cost control procedures for all materials.

  • Check the reports, files, registers maintained in the department.

  • Provide budget to the management and control of budgets

  • Clean rooms, hallways, entryway, lounges, bathrooms, corridors, elevators and stairways

  • Clean rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and/or draperies, using vacuum cleaners and/or shampooers

  • Transport other trash and waste to disposal areas

  • Sweep, scrub, wax, and/or polish floors

  • Dust and polish furniture and kitchen equipment

  • Keep storage areas well-stocked, clean, and tidy

  • Polish silver accessories and metalwork such as fixtures and fittings

  • Remove debris from driveways, garages, and swimming pool areas

  • Replace light bulbs

  • Replenish supplies such as drinking glasses, linens, writing supplies, and bathroom items

  • Sort clothing and other articles, load washing machines, and iron and fold dried items

  • Sort, count, and mark clean linens, and store them in linen closets

  • Wash windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork, waxing and polishing as necessary

  • Assign duties to other staff and give instructions regarding work methods and routines

  • Request repair services and wait for repair workers to arrive

  • Disinfect equipment and supplies, using germicides or steam-operated sterilizers

  • Hang draperies and dust window blinds

  • Move and arrange furniture, and turn mattresses

  • Plan menus, and cook and serve meals and refreshments following employer’s instructions or own methods

  • Prepare rooms for meetings, and arrange decorations, media equipment and furniture for social or business functions

  • Take care of pets by grooming, exercising, and/or feeding them

  • Wash dishes and clean kitchens, cooking utensils, and silverware

  • Answer telephones and doorbells

  • Purchase or order groceries and household supplies to keep kitchens stocked, and record expenditures

  • Run errands such as taking laundry to the cleaners and buying groceries

Types of Housekeeping:

  • Light Housekeeping – Tasks that are done on a daily basis to keep up with high traffic areas. Usually done in conjunction with child care.

  • Moderate Housekeeping – Overall responsibility for the general cleaning of the home. Washing dishes, laundry, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, polishing furniture, changing linens, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, ironing, and keeping track of cleaning supplies.

  • Heavy Housekeeping – In addition to the moderate housekeeping, responsible for cleaning baseboards, windows, blinds, light fixtures, buffing floors, etc.

Salaries: (as of January 2019 to present)

Housekeeper pay grade in NY based on 50-hour work week:

  • Level I - $14-$15/hr less than a year experience (minimum $650-$700/week)

  • Level II - $15-$18/hr for 1-2 years (min $700-$800/week)

  • Level III - $18-$25/hr 2-5 years experience ($850-1000/week)

  • Level IV - Over 5 yrs experience at least $25/hr or $1100-1500/week.

  • Executive housekeeper at least $30/hr or $1500/week.

All-around Housekeeper (Childcare & full-housekeeping) : Minimum $850 per week

Housekeeper w/Driving: Minimum $950 per week

Domestic Couple Caretaker: Established couple who work on large estates (higher end of the scale if one or the other is a trained chef).

                 Driving & family cook - $80,000 to $200,000 for two people

                 Non-driving & basic cooking - $60,000 to $80,000 for two people

Note: Rate is higher for candidates with special skills like driving, chef, electrician, handyman/carpenter, baby nurse/doulagiver, etc...

filipina housekeeper new york
filipina housekeeper in new york doing the bed everyday
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