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Filipinos of New York is a community based agency.

About Our Filipinos of NY

Why choose our services

Nestled in the heart of Little Manila, Woodside, NY,  Filipinos of New York serves as a community-oriented employment agency. Our exceptional and personalized recruitment process sets us apart from the rest. We take the time to understand your family's needs through the Employer's Form below, enabling us to search for the ideal candidate who perfectly aligns with your preferences. Every applicant in our pool of household workers undergoes a rigorous application and interview procedure, ensuring they meet stringent criteria before being included in our roster of highly qualified candidates.

  1. Exclusive database of high-quality candidates

  2. Fluent in speaking English

  3. Competitive (lowest) rate in the market

  4. Our candidates have extensive experience and verified references

  5. Above-average candidate screening

  6. Phone interview

  7. Face-to-face interview

  8. 2-Background checks

  9. Interpol search

  10. Nationwide Criminal Records Investigation (nationwide)

  11. Nationwide Sex and Violent Offenders Search

  12. Federal Bureau of Prisons (Nationwide)

  13. Mugshot & dirty photo search

  14. Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine/test

  15. FDA-Certified 12-Panel Drug Test

  16. Motor Vehicle Record Report

  17. Past References Verification

  18. Review of Social Media Accounts & entire web

  19. Code of Conduct (Do's & Don'ts)

Our process

Easy 5-step hiring process:

  1. Begin by completing a brief questionnaire designed to assess your family's specific requirements for your new household staff member.

  2. After evaluating your responses, we will recommend the top 5 most qualified candidates for the position.

  3. Next, we'll arrange a face-to-face interview with the candidates you prefer.

  4. Once you've made your selection, we'll initiate a secondary screening process to prioritize your family's safety.

  5. With your chosen domestic employee in mind, we'll promptly conduct any necessary additional screenings and prepare the candidate(s) for deployment.

Our obligation

At Filipinos of NY, our mission is to connect skilled and dedicated household workers with families who truly appreciate their contributions. We take great pride in our commitment to going the extra mile in achieving this goal. Located in the heart of Little Manila in Woodside, Queens, NY we possess a deep understanding of the unique lifestyles in both NYC, Westchester, Greenwich CT, and the Hamptons, making us the preferred choice for families seeking household assistance that truly understands their needs.

Our agency maintains an exclusive roster of highly experienced, trustworthy, and skilled Filipino household workers, eager to find rewarding employment opportunities. Whether you require a nanny, baby nurse, housekeeper, caregiver, companion, senior care specialist, household worker, home health aide (HHA), or any other domestic service, rest assured, we have you covered. We've eliminated the hassle of applications, membership fees, extensive forms, and recurring agency charges, ensuring a straightforward and seamless process for both families and job seekers alike.

It is Our Job to Help You

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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