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Tagalog Tutor, Translation And Interpreting Services

Filipinos Of NY provides a wide array of professional services like Tagalog language tutor, translation, interpreting, and transcription language services for different major Philippine dialects.

Tagalog Tutor
Cheapest Tagalog language tutor anywhere.. anytime! Our highly qualified Filipino native Tagalog-speaking tutors are available every day and every night to help you master Pilipino/Tagalog language. Our tutors can also help you with your school homework assignments help you perform better on class discussions, exams, and quizzes, and help you stay ahead in your classroom. Hire your private Tagalog 1-on-1 tutor for as low as $5 per hour!


Tagalog Private Tutor Rate:

  •  Virtual online

         10-hour package at 2 hours per session. Total of 5 sessions at a $15 per hour rate
         20-hour package at 2 hour per session. Total of 10 sessions at a $12 per hour rate

  • In-home tutor

         10-hour package at 2 hours per session. Total of 5 sessions at a $30 per hour rate       

         20-hour package at 2 hours per session. Total of 10 sessions at a $28 per hour rate

         50-hour package at 2 hours per session. Total of 25 sessions at a $25 per hour rate

Translation Services charge per page.

Major Dialects:
Tagalog, Bicolano, Bisaya/Cebuano, Hiligaynon/Ilonggo, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Pangasinense, and Waray-waray.

Other Dialects:
Chavacano, Maguindanao, Maranaoan, Sambal, Surigaonon, Tausug, Kinaray-a and Tausug

We do translations for medical, legal, business, book, academic, document, email, social media, chat, film script, translation of manuals, patent, technical, transcription, subtitling, immigration, and other translation services.

Interpreting Services ( Need 1-week advance confirmed booking)

  • Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) - This will be a 3-way call (Charge per Minute)

  • In-Person Interpreting (IPI) - By appointment Rate: $60/hour (Minimum 3 hours per session)

       USCIS Immigration interview, Medical/Hospital interpreter, Court/Law office interpreter, Others...

Affidavit of Translation
The affidavit works as an assertion that a certain document, generally for official purposes, has been fully translated by a competent, professional translator who is capable of doing so. We bring your affidavit to the Philippine consulate including their stamp and the signature and seal of a notary public. If you need immediate assistance, you can email your documents to us. Simply take a picture of your documents using your camera or smart smartphone and send them to, along with your contact details.

Notarial and Authentication Services (Apostille)
We help you save your time and money. Do you need to authenticate a legal document like an Affidavit, Special Power of Attorney (SPA), Letter of Authorization (LOA), Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), Marriage or Citizenship Certificate, Bills of Sale, Deeds, Wills, Death Certificates, Diplomas, Foreign Transcripts, or Proof of Ownership, we will do what we do best – provide you with high-quality translation – stamped and sealed and then apostilled/authenticated.

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