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Only applicants who are already in the United States may apply. We do not process US working Visa.

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I used to apply in a it takes to long before you can get a job.But when i meet Kuya "ROBERT filipino ny agency. I Thought its a scam.BUT to tell you honestly hes one of the best agency that needs not to worry.He is 100% can give u a job after the applications done.Dont think twice guys..Trust me he will help you find the right job. thanks Kuya Robert

From M Kim

My experience with Filipinos of NY agency was very positive. The process was very quick and efficient. I worked with Sir Robert Bacaycay who is an absolute star. From the first time we spoke through the entire process, Sir Robert was extremely transparent and responsive. What impressed me the most and was most beneficial to me was the role he played in coaching me through the job seeking process. I was able to bounce ideas off of him and he would lay out each option so that I could make an educated decision with all the facts. I highly recommend this agency. L Horsburgh

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