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first family cook private chef
formal family dining cooked by a Filipina private chef
White house first family Filipina chef

At Filipinos Of NY, we specialize in connecting individuals with opportunities in the food service and hospitality industries. We take pride in offering our clients access to dedicated household staff and restaurant employees for full-time positions. Our rigorous selection process involves thorough reference checks, criminal background screenings, social media and internet vetting, drug testing, and skill certification tailored to their specific expertise.

Recognizing that every client has distinct requirements that encompass a range of skills, we are committed to crafting personalized staffing solutions to suit each unique need.

Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in a variety of roles within the restaurant, catering, supermarket, and food store sectors, including: • Bartender/Barista • Busser • Butcher (Meat/Seafood) • Cashier/Counter help • Cook (Grill, Fryer, Linecook) • Deli-Helper • Deliverymen • Dept/Assistant Manager • Dishwasher • Executive Chef • Food Carver • Food Runner • Host/Hostess  • Ice  Carver  • Kitchen Manager • Prepared Foods Associate • Private Chef  • Server • Sous Chef  •Store Manager  •Supermarket/Store Associate • 
Sushi Chef  • Teppanyaki/Hibachi Chef • And many more...

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire outlining your requirements. We genuinely appreciate your cooperation.

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