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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Filipina ‘baby whisperer’ flourishes in New York

Ruby Sibal known as the ‘baby whisperer’, is a newborn care professional and the founder of Beyond Baby Care LLC, currently located in New York City. Originally from the Philippines, Ruby’s grew up working in her family’s floral business, but has also enjoyed a diverse career path that included event management, make-up artistry and working for an airline. 

Ruby's expertise in baby care, including infant massage, is cited in Mamaviews.com, the well-known newborn/baby care website in the United States. Her clients are all praises of her, dubbing her as the Mary Poppins of the baby nurses. Sibal’s clients range from pediatricians, first time parents, women who have delicate pregnancies or had C-sections, and others who want to have someone assist them in caring for their delicate infants. READ MORE

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