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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why There Are More Single Women Than Men in NYC?

Current NYC ratio of women to men is 1.4:1. The answer is pretty simple, women in New York are too picky and that's the main reason why there are more women in this city than men. They want a fit guy who makes $500,000 a year.  They want someone over six feet, built and very attractive.  When a girl is in her 20's, she has been brainwashed by the society into thinking she has all the time in the world for family [if that's what she wants] and she can date around as long as she wishes. Not to think that her biological clock is ticking. While society won't admit it, women in this city also have way more choices than men. They can go onto an online dating site and receives 100's of messages every week.  If they are semi-attractive in person, they will get hit on at least several times per day or per week.  

As an average Newyorker man with average height 5'8", fit body, professional, property owner and just making 5 fig, it is harder for me to find a woman I like in NYC. I find it incredibly difficult to date. Most women that I am attracted to are not interested. Even with online dating sites, most girls immediately state on their profiles they are looking for a guy who is over six feet tall, so no matter what type of background I have or personal qualities, I am out of their consideration. I often send respectful messages to hundreds of women on these sites, with absolutely no responses. So to resolve this dilemma, I suggest to find a woman who are just visiting the city or living out-of-state. They are much welcoming, easier to connect and seem family oriented and fun to be with. Or better yet, go to China where they have plenty of this so called "Leftover Women" whose ages are from 27 to 35 desperately wanting to have a husband.

I often hear how easy men have it in this city. I think that is one of the greatest lies and myths. I don't know of any guy who goes around sleeping with different women each week. I do often hear, however, how random women complain how they haven't had sex in 2 weeks or even months.

To add fuel to the fire it is also a known fact that intelligent, ambitious, overachieving women migrate to NYC (added to the pool). Women usually try to marry up and men usually marry down. But in NYC this creates a particular problem. In NYC the gender salary divide that exists in other place does not here. In fact I have worked for companies in which there are more high paying female executives than males. In short a female that is making $250k will probably not date a man that is making $50k. But how many men make more than this amount? And will a man want to date a female that makes more than he does? I don't think so.

Men not only compete with other men (who are equally qualified) who are desperately trying to get her attention, but also the growing number of single moms (if the man doesn't have kids and wants a woman without any). If they do find someone they like, they have to say the right things, call at the right time, pay her way (even if she makes more than him), but not without first being rejected left and right from other girls.  This includes getting her number but not getting a response when he contacts her, talking to her but then she disappears off the face of the earth or receiving rude, mean and disrespectful comments. Finally, the guy will see girls that he is attracted to hook up and jump from lowlife to lowlife. This essentially has reflected my experiences with dating in New York City, and I am sure many other guys share this perspective as well.  It's not you, my man, it is not you.  It is the culture.

My opinion (and I am convinced of this) is that if you are a guy struggling to date in this city, then your situation is unlikely to improve anytime soon. I don't say this with bitterness; I am just telling you what it is. It is obviously that the girls in this city look for a certain type of guy and you are just not the mold that they are looking for.  Luckily, there are other places you can go where you can have success and be appreciated, and if you haven't had the time to see other places, you can save your money and do so.  It will make you a more worldly person and come into contact with women who are looking for you.

The fact, women in New York do not need a man. If they want to go to a restaurant, they can go with their best friend. She doesn't need a man to pay for her but will gladly use one if the occasion calls for it. If she wants sex, she'll just call up one of her friends with benefits (FWB) and he'll gladly come over. Why does she need a man for a long-term relationship? Most of the women here are just career obsessed who do not smile and stares down at her phone throughout the day. How is that approachable?

Sorry, girls, but I am really not sorry for writing this.  This may sound like a scathing indictment, but it's the truth. None of this would matter if we are open-minded about who we date. The problem is, Newyorkers (both men and women) have become more rigid about dating across socioeconomic boundaries. For me, it's not a matter of he/she is when you meet the person, but who he/she is going to become when you are together. Love and peace to everyone...

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