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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Filipinos in NY, NJ, CT & MA Solid Support for Sec Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo

Loida Nicolas Lewis leads northeast Fil-Ams rally for Roxas-Robredo. Talking before about a hundred Filipinos and Filipino-Americans from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, Lewis explained why she is supporting the presidential campaign of Mar Roxas for good governance. “There is a need to continue what President Noynoy Aquino has started, and with the experience of Sec. Roxas and his running mate Leni Robredo, we can be assured that there will be continued growth for the Philippines,” Lewis said. 


mindor@aol.com said...

Loida Nicolas Lewis, in 2010, rallied for PNoy. For 6 years we saw; the chinese tourists massacre, the PDAP,DAP mess, PNoy cuddling of Napoles, the increased national debt that must be paid by our children's children, the failure to pass the FOI bill,failure to pass an anti-dynasty law to implement the Constitutional prohibition on dynasties, the failure to fix the MRT/LRT mess, the failure to protect the nation's patrimony from the destructive mining practices, , the Mamasapano's SAF 44 massacre, the failure to stop the laglag-bala embarrassment at the airport, the entry into compact on the traitorous BBL with the Prime Minister of Malaysia by surrendering portion of Mindanao for the Islamic state, the shameful use of of foreign aid for typhoon victims and many more....

So Loida Nicolas Lewis would like to that to the Pinoys once more time?

Anonymous said...

To mindor@aol.com All I can say is that you have a Twisted Mind. You have Half-Truth Information.

Definition of half–truth. : a statement that is only small partly true and that is intended to deceive people.

Sig Abuel said...

mindoro, it is obvious you are a typical Digong supporter,,you and your group are noted for photoshopped, audioshopped, and videoshopped postings

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