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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hidden Gem in NYC - City Hall Subway Ghost Station

City Hall station (end of the 6 subway line)
NYC’s intricate underground system is world-famous but a little known fact to outsiders is that over the years, the city has accumulated a few ‘ghost stations’ – subway stops that are no longer in use. To all the urban explorers out there, one such station is likely a hidden destination you won’t want to miss when visiting the Big Apple. The old City Hall station is a beautiful relic from 1904 that looks more like a ballroom than a subterranean channel. Designed with arched ceilings, stained glass skylights and electric chandeliers, it is a shame current passengers are subjected to the grime of today’s stations. When newer trains were introduced, the station’s curved architecture proved to be dangerous and in 1945 the stop was closed to the public forever. Today very few tours are given to the public, and even those are for MTA Transit Museum members only. However, there is a (somewhat) secret trick to touring this well-preserved time capsule all on your own. If you take the downtown 6 train to the last stop and stay on, the train will make a loop through the old City Hall station to get back uptown. Though the chandeliers won’t be on, on a sunny day, the hauntingly beautiful station will be visible.

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