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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Comparing Different Asian Countries Cultural Festival in NY/NJ

Nothing could be more Filipino than a festival that showcases a wide variety of cultural activities like ethnic dances, costume outfit, food, dialects, jokes and many more. This Fiestahan in America is a gathering of all Filipinos living in the east coast who came from different provinces in the Philippines to get together in one community spirit and discovery of each culture. The Fiestahan embodies the region’s unity in diversity and celebrates the rich and diverse cultures, bringing together time-honored traditions and modern creativity

The Fiestahan offers snapshots of a community’s identity and of the region as a whole, providing an opportunity to revitalize cultural practices, and serving as a creative platform to showcase their favorite cultural expressions to the Filipino-American community. The Fiestahan promotes inter-provinces dialogue, enhancing understanding through shared experience

The Fiestahan will help to promote the conservation and preservation of Philippine cultural heritage to ensure its continuity in enhancing awareness and understanding of the people about the unique history of the region and the cultural similarities and differences between and amongst Filipinos living in America. This will also protect the distinctiveness of Philippine cultural heritage as a whole, and to held branding Filipinos through its appealing to young Fil-am generations.

Cultural festivities need not be expensive but rather be open to public for free just like all other Asian countries festivals in the area. Many Filipinos have brought their concern to us with this expensive entrance fee to attend and mingle with fellow Filipinos living in New York and New Jersey.

Japan: FREE
South Korea: FREE
Thailand: FREE
Indonesia: FREE
India: FREE
Malaysia: FREE
Burma: FREE
Philippines: $25.00

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