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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Big Apple Welcomes Pinoy Calamansi

The Philippine citrus calamansi (kalamansi) has been introduced to mainstream America, bolstering hope that it will become a staple in kitchens with it's first stop in New York City. Nicknamed the Philippine Lemon or Golden Lime, the calamansi is regarded as the country’s best kept secretUnlike the United States, lemons and oranges are not commonplace in the Philippines which makes the calamansi the go-to citrus fruit in the country for drinking, cooking and even traditionally known as an immunity booster. Calamansi is a tropical lime native to the Philippines and some Southeast Asian countries. It belongs to the citrofortunella species, which is a hybrid between the citrus and Fortunella genus. Calamansi is cultivated for its edible but incredibly sour fruit. The fruit shares similar properties to lemon and lime. In the Philippines and other Asian countries, calamansi is often used as ingredient in dipping sauces. 

Just like all citrus fruits, calamansi is loaded with vitamin C. It’s also traditionally used as treatment for certain diseases. In today’s post, we are listing down the health benefits and practical uses of calamansi juice.

Boosts Collagen Production
Calamansi is a popular skin care ingredient because of its many beauty benefits. For one thing, calamansi is packed with ascorbic acid or vitamin C. This nutrient strengthens the immune system and increases collagen production in the body. That’s why calamansi juice is taken as a beauty tonic. When applied topically, calamansi extract also evens out the skin tone and refines the skin!

Protects from Common Colds and Flu
Calamansi juice is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. That’s why it’s traditionally used to prevent common colds and flu! Again, the vitamin C in calamansi ensures a speedy recovery from viral and bacterial infections.

Aids in Weight Loss
Are you trying to lose weight? Why not take calamansi juice every day? It’s a refreshing, healthy and low-calorie drink. Regular consumption of calamansi juice purifies the organs and detoxes the colon. It prevents constipation, improve bowel movement and eliminate stored fat. It’s also a filling drink. We recommend drinking calamansi juice before a meal so you don’t overeat!
Skin Bleaching Agent
In Asia where people are obsessed with super fair skin, calamansi is a prized bleaching agent. Unlike other bleaching agents, calamansi extract is mild, natural and effective. Just apply the pure extract on the affected area. Calamansi extract is so mild, it can be used on the face and body without causing irritation. Apply the extracts twice per week and you’re bound to see results in as little as two weeks.

Prevents Tooth Decay
Drinking calamansi juice doesn’t just boost the body’s resistance to diseases, it also prevents oral problems. The vitamin C in calamansi juice prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, bleeding gums or loose teeth. It also eliminates plaque and removes teeth stains!

Banishes Body Odor
If you’re looking for an all-natural body odor eliminator and antiperspirant, we recommend using calamansi extract. Calamansi inhibits profuse perspiration. It contains powerful anti-bacterial compounds too. Bacteria mixed with sweat causes body odor.
You can use calamansi extract to banish body odor two ways. One is to squeeze a couple of calamansi fruits to your bathing water. The other is to rub halved calamansi directly on the area. Applying calamansi on targeted areas of the body should banish unwanted odors. Even better, rubbing calamansi extracts on the pits will whiten the area as well.

Eliminates Dandruff
Don’t let dandruff get you down. Eliminate flakes and persistent itchiness by rubbing halved calamansi fruit directly on the scalp. This will ease the itchiness, irritation and prevent dryness. What’s more, calamansi juice will also increase hair volume!

Calamansi juice may be served with iced tea, seafood and meats - to impart tartness. Calamansi juice with cranberries makes a fresh, juicy tart sauce. Calamansi can also be preserved whole in sugar syrup, made into sweet pickles, or marmalade. In Hawaii, a calamansi-papaya marmalade is popular. In Malaysia, the calamansi is an essential ingredient in chutney.

The calamansi juice is primarily valued for making acid beverages. It is often employed like lime or lemon juice to make gelatin salads or desserts, custard pies, or chiffon pies. In the Philippines, the extracted juice, with the addition of gum tragacanth, is pasteurized and bottled commercially.

Calamansi is one of those ingredients that makes Filipino dishes taste truly authentic. The flavor is something like a sour orange or a slightly sweeter lime, and it has a fragrance to match. It gets added to kilawin (ceviche), sinigang (sour soup), beef or fish steak, use for marinade, squeezed over freshly-steamed fish, grilled meat or seafood or even on pansit stir fry noodles.

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