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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Filipinos Living in NYC on a Budget

In the current economy, many Filipinos in New York are living on a budget and looking for ways to reduce food and other living expenses while still enjoying the greatest city on earth has to offer. With the right tips and a little planning, it is possible to enjoy healthy food on the cheap turo-turo style and tips on living the Newyorkers way.

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Just ask anyone on the subway how much they pay in rent, and you'll be talking for hours. But Filipinos know,  you never pay tourists rate in this town! Above photo is the most common way busy Filipino workers enjoy their daily meals on a budget. Here below I listed some free guides, websites, discounts and tourist attractions for the penny-pinchers or a buck!


GETTING AROUND - MASS TRANSPORTATION ; The subway and bus system is safe, cheap and runs 24-7-365. The best transportation bargain around. Buy a MetroCard and go! 

MUSEUM FREE DAYS: This is one of the best things about NYC. They have a long-standing tradition of making world-class art and culture availble to all, regardless of income or ability to pay. If you love museums, then New York is the place to go for the most abundant variety of museum deals. There are a couple of sites you can start with: freeMuseumday and Museum Free Days .


SHOPPING: Before you make your purchases, show your out-of-state ID or passport at the visitor's desk at Macy's and Bloomingdale's for a visitor's discount on certain items!
SAMPLE SALES are also a great way to find deals:

FREE OR CHEAP MUSIC, MOVIES AND LIVE PERFORMANCES: Most of these festivals are seasonal, during the spring and summer, so check their websites for schedules:
  • Get a Big Apple Greeter - this all-volunteer organization offers FREE customized tours! Sign up way in advance! 
  • Staten Island Ferry - FREE
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge - FREE
  • Visit Grand Central Terminal - FREE
  • People-watch in a park - FREE
  • Visit New York Public Library Main Branch - see Astor Hall & the reading room - FREE
  • Volunteer to usher at an Off-Broadway show - FREE. Ask at each theatre.
  • Roosevelt Island Tram - $2.00
  • Parades - there's nearly one every month!
  • Walking - the best way to see the streets of NYC - FREE (minus cost of new shoes and Dr. Scholl's insoles!)
  • Kayaking - FREE! On the Hudson. Walk up and jump in the river. Seriously.
  • High Five Ticket program - $5.00 theatre, dance and performance tix for teens ages 13 - 18 (plus one adult guest)
  • Food from street carts! - From falafel, to fruit smoothies, to exotic coffee, to bratwurst, to samosas and dosas, to arepas.
  • Gallery openings - Check listings on the web, in Time Out magazine and the Village Voice for free cheese and wine!
It is very easy to find cheap eats throughout NYC. Most international cuisine, such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Latino offer amazing tasty bargains. And there is always The Recession Speical - 2 hot dogs and a drink - at Gray's Papaya. Sample the metling pot that is NYC. Google yearly "best cheap eats" and you'll find best cheap eat LOL.
  • NewYorkled (music, culture, street fairs - an excellent website with a lot of depth, so click around a bit.)
  • Cheap Guide (New York Magazine's on-line budget guide)
  • DrinkDeal (happy hours and drink specials all over town.)
  • MyOpenBar (weekly listings and user reviews/ratings. Sign up for email alerts.)
  • Automobile Club - If you are a member of AAA or CAA, flash your card at shops, museums and attractions! It works! 
  • NYC Cheap Travel (Regularly updated with entertainment, dining, transportation, and hotel deals for NYC visitors)
For more freebies in NYC check out my other page CLICK HERE.

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