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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Filipinos Worldwide Protest Against China's Invasion Over Philippine Waters

Calling all 11 Millions of Filipinos living abroad to unite for this cause. Filipinos based in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States will march in front of Chinese Embassies to protest against China’s role in the ongoing territorial dispute.
Several private groups comprising former government officials, scheduled holding simultaneous protests in front of Chinese embassies across the world to garner attention and sympathy against China’s flexing of marine muscle in the South China Sea which the Philippines claims as its own.
“We would like to stress that this protest rally in front of the Chinese Embassy in Makati City, the financial district on July 24 is going to be the start of something we intend to become bigger – not only in the Philippines, but worldwide,” said Roilo Golez, former national security adviser during the time of ex-President Gloria Arroyo.
The protest is against the incursions of Chinese vessels in shoals and reefs that are within the Philippine 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea, said Golez, now a congressman.
“It’s a very good opportunity for Filipinos to unite for a good cause, because we are talking about flag and country,” said Rafael Alunan, former interior secretary during the time of former president Fidel Ramos; and former tourism secretary during the time of ex- president Corazon Aquino.

“We are against China’s lawless policy of intrusion, occupation, theft of natural resources, and intimidation in our Exclusive Economic Zone,” said Alunan, adding this has been the overarching theme of debates and discussions on Facebook and Twitter amongst Filipinos worldwide.

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