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Monday, May 13, 2013

Office Hours - Consular, Legal Services & Fees at Philippine Consulate General New York

Text photos above are actual notifications posted at the PH Consulate NY office wall

The Consulate General of the Republic of the Philippines - New York
Address: 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036

Telephone: (212) 764-1330
Fax No.: (212) 764-6010
Duty Officer-Mobile Phone: (917) 294-0196 - For Emergencies only

The Consular and Legal Section is open to the public Monday through Friday, except on selected Philippine and American Holidays. 
Office Hours: Mon to Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm (open during lunch hour) 

Passport Renewal: Acceptance of applications: 9:00am-4:00pm


  1. Actual old passport
  2. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-issued birth certificate, original and photocopy (Copies may be ordered online via www.ecensus.com.ph) 
  3. Proof that applicant has not applied for foreign citizenship (i.e. valid green card, valid visa, dual citizenship certificate, etc).
Releasing: 1:30pm-4:00pm
Release of Passports - 8 weeks from date of application
• proceed to the Releasing section at the Basement
• Open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon, and from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
• Personal Pick-up - present Reminder Slip and your current passport
• Pick-up by Representative - present Reminder Slip, current passport, Signed Letter of Authority and photo-ID of Representative
Legal Services:
Documents may be processed by mail or in person
 • Documents submitted between 9 AM & 4pm - ready for release from 4 PM to 5pm on the same day
 • Documents submitted between 12 Noon & 5 PM - ready for release from 4 PM to 5pm on the following business day
 NOTE: : Walk-in applicants have the option to submit self-addressed envelopes (with pre-paid postage) to receive finished documents by mail

Civil Registry (report of birth, marriage and death, correction of civil registry documents). Acceptance of application: 9:00am-12:00nn. Releasing: 3:00pm
Dual Citizenship: Acceptance of applications: 9:00am-12:00nn. Releasing and Oath-taking: 3:00pm
Pre-Processing by Mail is highly encouraged 
 • Seminar and formal Oath-taking held everyday at the Philippine Consulate
 Walk-in applicants may avail of the single session offered daily  

 • Applications filed and processed in the morning between 9 AM & 12 Noon will be scheduled for oath-taking and release of documents at 3 PM of the same day. 
 • Applications filed and processed after 1 PM will be accepted but will be scheduled for oathtaking the following business day at 3 PM or any working day convenient to the applicant.  Documents will be released on the day of the applicant's oathtaking. 
Visa applications:
• Received between 9 AM & 12 PM will be ready for release from 3 PM to 5 PM on the same day*
• Received between 1 PM & 4 PM will be ready for release from 4 PM until 5 PM of the following business day*
 * For most Temporary Visitor's Visa applications. Some applications may require clearance and can only be released at a much later date.

Send an email for specific sections of the Consulate:
During Regular Office hours, call (212) 764-1330 followed by the appropriate extension;
  •   Passport Releasing Section - 317
  •   Passport General Queries - 305 or 302
  •   Legal General Inquiries - 321 or 320
  •   Legal (mailed-in documents) - 304
  •   Visa - 322
  •   Dual Citizenship - 318
  •   General Matters - 306
NOTE:  Please leave a message with your complete contact information.  We will return your call in due course.

  • Text the Duty Officer at: (917) 294-0196
  • Weekends/Official Holidays, call or text the Duty Officer at: (917) 294-0196
The Philippine Consulate General New York will be closed on the following 2017 holidays:
2 January 2017 - New Year's Day (US Holiday)
16 January 2017 - Martin Luther King's Day (US Holiday)
20 February 2017 - President's Day (US Holiday)
13 April 2017 - Maundy Thursday (PH Holiday)
14 April 2017 - Good Friday (PH Holiday)
1 May 2017 - Labor Day (PH Holiday)
29 May 2017 - Memorial Day (US Holiday)
12 June 2017 - Independence Day (PH Holiday)
TBD June 2017 - Eid ul Fitr (PH Holiday)
4 July 2017 - Independence Day (US Holiday)
21 August 2017 - Ninoy Aquino Day (PH Holiday)
28 August 2017 - National Heroes Day (PH Holiday)
TBD September 2017 - Eid Adha (PH Holiday)
4 September 2017 - Labor Day (US Holiday)
9 October 2017 - Columbus Day (US Holiday)
1 November 2017 - All Saint's Day (PH Holiday)
10 November 2017 - Veterans Day (US Holiday)
23 November 2017 - Thanksgiving Day (US Holiday)
30 November 2017 - Bonifacio Day (PH Holiday)
25 December 2017 - Christmas Day (PH/US Day)

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