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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Virgin Mary Statue Shedding 'Blood' Tears in Cebu Philippines

People are flocking to a house in Cebu City where an image of the Virgin Mary of Fatima has reportedly shed tears of blood.

Joy Rayla said she was praying the rosary before their altar past midnight yesterday when she noticed “dirt” in the eyes of the one-and-a-half foot statue.
“Tig-rosaryo man gyud ko kada gabii, pero ang perming rosaryohan nako katong gamay nga imahe sa birhen… nanlimbawot akong balahibo pagkakita nako nga naghilak siya og dugo,” she said.

(I pray the rosary every night and I usually pray before the smaller image of the Virgin … I got goosebumps after seeing blood flowing from the image’s eyes.)
Rayla’s sons said they first noticed blood-like stains on the image on Good Friday but they thought it was just a blemish or a discoloration.

Msgr. Antonio Medida, parish priest of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Church in barangay Tisa, visited the house in sitio Kanhai and saw the image. READ MORE

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