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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Humble Pope - An Answered Prayer

Pope Francis is the Catholic church's 266th pope, the choice of humility & integrity, a Jesuit intellectual, from Americas, an evangelical, a fundamentalist hyper-traditional and disproves the political theories of “the Vatican. 

As a man of deep simplicity, he can be not only a voice for the poor and marginalized but also an answer to our prayers. And in response to his request, we will be praying for him and asking St. Francis of Assisi to guide him and protect him from the bureaucracy of the Vatican and anything contrary to the true Gospel of Christ. He is, indeed, the “Pope of Hope.”

Pope Francis' humble beginnings (Click Photo to watch video)

Much is made of his humility, he gave up the grandiose setting of the cardinal's palace in the Argentine capital for the trappings of a small apartment  and rejected the notion of a chauffeur driven car for public transport so he can talk with ordinary people during bus ride. Cook his own meal. Pope Francis is the embodiment of the figure in the novel by Joseph Girzone titled “The Homeless Bishop.” And after being elected as the new pope, he remains to be that simple man. His choice of name in honor of the 12th century saint from Assisi is widely seen as a nod to a new era of catholicism.

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio kissing the feet of ordinary parishioners from poor neighborhood of Argentina 2008.

Pope Francis pays the bill at the Domus Internationalis Paulus VI hotel, where he stayed as a cardinal before entering the conclave.

Pope Francis prayed before Our Lady of Lourdes at the Vatican.

Pope Francis rides bus with cardinals

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